Purr Info

A place to unwind, enjoy fine dining, and be entertained


A relaxing environment…

Cats with different owners will never share a room, and they won’t be able to see or interact with the cats in the other rooms either.  This removes the main source of stress that cats feel staying in a traditional cattery. Having their own rooms ensures a relaxing environment when they stay with us.


Classical and specialised cat music is also played during their holiday too. Studies are showing pets can react to music in similar ways to humans, and music created especially for their ears helps them to relax.


If music isn’t their thing, we also having pet diffusers and toys with valerian.

 …A selection of tasty food

We pride ourselves on providing high quality cat food. Our dinner menu offers both dry and wet food for our Purr Hotel guests, and is included in our boarding prices.


If you want to treat your cat during their stay, we have freshly cooked dishes on offer from our A La Carte menu. Throughout the year we offer limited edition, seasonal, dishes on our A La Carte menus too.


For more information on the range of food provided on our different menus, click here

 …and lots of cuddles

We visit our guests every day: morning, afternoon, evening and bedtime. This ensures they get plenty of playtime and cuddles!


Each guest is provided with interactive and traditional cat toys in their room. You’re more than welcome to bring along any toys, treats, or bedding to help them settle.  We find that giving them an item of clothing that belongs to their owner can help our guests settle in quicker too.


Owners are kept up to date on how guests are doing via email regularly. We also post photos and videos on our Facebook page (with your permission) too!