Purr Dining

We’re passionate about pet food


Which is why we’re as fussy as a feline when it comes to what we provide our guests.  We strive to find grain-free foods that are low in carbohydrates, as cats don’t need this in their diet. A high meat content is a must too!


All the ingredients in the food we provide are of high quality. This means it’s free from artificial additives and preservatives, and has good nutritional content. Which makes it easy on digestion (so no upset tummies) and packed full of flavour – even the most finicky guest will be hard-pressed to find something they don’t like!


The dry food we provide is Thrive Premium Plus, in Chicken and Salmon & Herring varieties. It’s grain free so perfect for cats with allergies or food intolerances.

Main Dinner Menu


Our dinner menu is included in our boarding prices. We offer both dry and wet foods, in a range of different varieties, to ensure a mixture of meats while they stay with us.  Every guest is weighed at the start of their boarding period to ensure they are fed the correct amount of food.


Does your cat have food sensitivities/allergies?


No worries!  Please let us know any foods your cat can’t have. We’ll make sure we don’t provide them with it during their stay. All food is grain free, which is a common source of food intolerances/digestive issues in pets.


Can I provide my cat’s usual food for their stay?


Of course! Please keep it in the original packaging if possible, with instructions on how much to feed them.  Let us know beforehand if your cat is on a raw diet to ensure we have plenty of room in the freezer to keep it.

A La Carte Menu


For an additional treat during their stay, we have our A La Carte menu. We cook the chicken and salmon from scratch, and ensure it’s cut into bite sized pieces so they can easily enjoy their special dinner time treat! Throughout the year we also offer limited edition dishes to choose from too, keep an eye on our seasonal packages for what we have available.


As cats are lactose intolerant, we never serve them milk or cream!