Cat Luxury Packages

We currently offer Wedding and Seasonal packages (which is split into Halloween & Christmas). Find out below more information on each of our different packages!

Christmas package

(Included in boarding price)

Meowy Christmas!


“Green is in the mistletoe, And red is in the holly,
Silver in the stars above, That shine on everybody.
Gold is in the candlelight and Crimson in the embers.
White is in the winter night, That everyone remembers.
– Enya, White Is In The Winter Night


The Festive Season is here!  All boarding kitties enjoy a jolly Christmas dinner and Xmas themed treats on the 25th December, as well as christmas themed valerian toys to cosy into as they watch the snow from the comfort of their cat trees (hey, we’re optimistic! One year it will be a white christmas!). For any boarding kitty that would enjoy an additional treat, they can add on our christmas edition A La Carte dish for £4.00 per cat.

Wedding Package

£35 one cat

£15 each additional cat

(Price excludes travel to wedding venue)

Your feline family member can be a part of your big day too!
How does it work?

On the big day itself, we groom your cat to make sure they look photo-ready, and then travel down to the wedding venue half an hour before it’s time for photos to get them settled.  After photos, we take them back to their Purr hotel room to enjoy their wedding dinner of cat wine, an A La Carte dish, and a dessert of a ‘chocolate’ catnip mouse. Travel to and from the venue is charged at 45p a mile, and any extra hours at the wedding are charged at £14/h


Can I book the wedding package but exclude the hour at wedding for photos? 

Of course! Cats will still get everything else in the package. We simply deduct off the charge for the first hour at the wedding. This brings it to £20 for one cat, and £10 for each additional cat.

Halloween package

(Included in boarding price)

Celebrate in spooky fashion!


“This is Halloween, Red n Black n Slimy Green” – Marilyn Manson, This Is Halloween


Come and join us at The Purr Hotel as we celebrate Halloween! During the last week of October all boarding kitties will enjoy a spooktacular day with pumpkin themed food and treats and halloween themed catnip toys. This is all included in our boarding prices, and if you’d like an additional treat you can check out our A La Carte menu here.