December News

December News

Hello, and welcome to the December update here at Pooch and Purr! This month we talk about last month’s event, a pooch hotel update, who our cat of the month is – and of course, Santa Paws!

Cat Action Trust Autumn Fayre

It was a great day out, and it was lovely to meet people who are so passionate about the work they do to save abandoned, stray and feral cats throughout Ayrshire. Listening to their stories, both sad and successful, of how they go out of their way to help all these cats was an honour – and wonderfully they raised a fantastic £1,400 on the day, which will go a long way to helping the cats in their care. To find out more about this wonderful charity – and to follow the stories of the rescue cats – visit their facebook page here.

Pooch Hotel

We’ve been busy organising and putting plans together to get this set in motion for our Pooch Hotel. At this time we don’t have much to say other than we’ve been getting in touch with local contractors, and all going well we will be able to start digging up the site for foundation preparations in the coming weeks. Fingers crossed we’ll be able to provide more information Jan/Feb time – the pace hasn’t increased any since getting planning approval, and there’s a long road to travel yet!

Cat of the Month!

December’s featured kitty is the gorgeous ragdoll kitty Tinkerbell (Tink for short!). This section is dedicated to Tink, who we met last year for the first time alongside her mummy Skye, for cat sitting. Sadly, Tink passed away a couple of days ago from kidney failure at 2 years old.

We are greatly saddened to hear of her passing, she was such a lovely wee cat and loved getting lots of chin skritches.

Her owner Jodie says, “On 28th Nov we had to say goodbye to our 2 year old Ragdoll, Tinkerbell (aka Tink!) due to kidney failure. Tink was full of energy and very playful, she liked to play “fetch” with her wee yellow chick and her red mouse. She was also very affectionate and loved a cuddle, she would greet us when we came home and followed me literally everywhere around the house, like my wee shadow! She will be missed by myself, my husband Stuart, our daughter Daisy, and especially her mum Skye.”

Rest in peace over the rainbow bridge Tinkerbell ♥

Seasonal News

This year as the colder nights draw in, many of us start to use de-icer (anti-freeze) on our vehicles before we head off to work, or any other travel. The scent of this product is enticing for our cats, and is extremely toxic to our feline friends. Common symptoms are: Vomiting, seeming depressed/sleepy, appearing drunk and uncoordinated, seizures, and difficulty breathing. Rock salt poisoning can also show these symptoms, as well as excessive thirst. For more information on anti-freeze and rock salt poisoning, the RSPCA has posted up >here<

Cats also look for warmth and shelter when outdoors, and many will go into sheds or garages, as well as under cars and the wheel arches of cars. Please keep in mind to double check your car before you move off in case there is a kitty snoozing there for warmth!

Xmas gift ideas!

We all love presents at Christmas time, and many of us love to include our pets in this too! Many pet food brands bring out their own advent calendars, as well as stockings for your kitty too.

If you’re feeling like really spoiling your cat this Christmas, Lily’s Kitchen have got a Christmas hamper full of goodies, and a Christmas Feast gift box too! Full of scrumptiously good food that we love because it doesn’t have any hidden nasties that aren’t good for our pets.

Of course, it’s most likely that whatever we do buy for our cats this Christmas, they’ll much prefer the box it came in!

All our guests, both boarding and cat sitting, will enjoy their very own christmas dinner of Lily’s Kitchen ‘Christmas Turkey Feast’  and some yummy Christmassy treats on the day.

We still have limited availability for our boarding and cat sitting services available over Xmas and New year, enquire now before it’s too late!!!